News of the Center

The newest capability at the USC Westside Center for Diabetes is the ability to have a secure telehealth visit with your provider. USC is calling this TeleCare and the visits can be arranged with all of our physicians, Drs. Peters, Orrange and Block, our nurse practitioner Donna Miller, or diabetes educator Mary Rose Deraco. This will be a major time-saver for our patients who have long commutes to come to the clinic or simply have a busy life and want to have a telehealth visit.

The video chat visits connection can be made either with a camera-equipped computer or an iPhone. For a computer connection, an email link is sent for a connection and there is an iPhone USC TeleCare app that can be used to make the connection. Instructions will be sent before your visit and you can choose how you want to make the connection.

For diabetes visits, it is useful to upload your diabetes devices before the session using either Tidepool, sending in your Dexcom Clarity code or a Libre report or meter download. We can also send a request to a local lab to collect A1c and other lab tests before you connect. Check with your provider and the front desk on the steps you will need to take and for instruction on how to have a remote clinic session.

Each provider will have their own rules on how their use the service. Some may want an in-person visit before using telehealth, or there may be a requirement to be in the clinic once a year. We have had a number of successful visits already and you can call the front desk at 310-272-8204 to schedule an in-person or telehealth visit.



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