Thanks to our wonderful patients and study participants, we have just completed two clinical trials. One explored a new dosing schedule when using inhaled insulin and the other tested the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor in people without diabetes. We look forward to the results of the studies early next year.

But I can now share that the Dexcom G6 is an improvement that patients will love, they will appreciate the improved accuracy and once a day calibration after warm-up and a smaller transmitter. A big upgrade can also be found in the insertion device. It is a painless, one-button application that will make placement on the arm as easy as the abdomen.

Closed Loop:

We are still scheduled to host a trial of the BigFoot closed-loop system once they finish testing using the Freestyle Libre system as their sensor. We are also being considered for testing other systems as well.


The NIH funded trial using vitamin D to prevent type 2 diabetes is continuing, as is the development of lower literacy English and Spanish training guides for insulin pumps and CGMs.

Now Recruiting

Please see the Pending Clinical Trials page to see if you qualify for our new trials.