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Learning Sessions are an opportunity to take a deeper dive in topics of interest generated by our team of diabetes educators, nutritionist and special guests. We also respond to requests from our patients. Let us know your interests and we are happy to create a session if there is enough interest. The current epidemic has taught us all how to use Zoom and we are finding that this is a great way to deliver the Sessions. This is a learning lab for us and our patients, we will try different topics at different times of the day and week.

Check often for the most recent offering, the latest Session will be posted on this page.

Our Next Session will be about balancing your life while social distancing and all of the distractions involved with living through a pandemic. We will help you balance “good enough” diabetes treatment with the rest of your your life. See which group is best for you.


Mary Rose Deraco RN, BSN,CDE
Certified Diabetes Educator and Education Program Coordinator
USC Westside Center for Diabetes


Diabetes Learning Sessions

Diabetes Learning Sessions