Dear Friends,

First, I want to reassure you that our lives at the USC Diabetes Programs are not particularly impacted by all the issues facing USC. We continue to enjoy the freedom we have to pursue our research and programs in East and West Los Angeles. One of the strengths of being funded through grants and donations is that we can control what happens in our own little universe. However, if you are uncomfortable donating directly to USC please contact us for additional options.

This year the annual American Diabetes Association meeting had no major diabetes advances. But revealed many small steps in terms of improving care for people with diabetes There were plenty of details on improvements in CGMs and the movement towards closed-loop insulin pump systems. As well as updates on the safety of a wide variety of medications that we use for treating type 2 diabetes.

There was an odd statement from a researcher named Denise Faustman that she had found a cure for type 1 diabetes. Sadly, this isn’t true. But it brought a lot of media attention.

“We are starting a project known as 'Tele-Monitoring' with daily evaluation from our clinic and feedback through a telemedicine process. This should create a level of safety and follow-up not currently available for patients using insulin.”   — Anne Peters, MD

In terms of own Center, two new providers have joined/are joining our group!!!

You may have already met Mary Rose Deraco, RN, CDE who is rejoining our team to provide diabetes education for our patients. She allows us to expand our clinical services, treat more patients and ensure that there is always someone available should you need help. I encourage you to get to know her, you can start by visiting her web profile. She will be starting diabetes classes soon. If you are interested, send her an email.

On September 1 we will add Dina Block, MD, who will take care of patients with diabetes as well as all endocrine disorders. This includes thyroid disease, osteoporosis, PCOS, adrenal issues, pituitary, prediabetes, and everything else endocrine. Dr. Block received her medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. She continued her training in Internal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital and completed her training as an endocrinology fellow at NYU Medical Center. She remained at NYU as an Assistant Professor before moving to UCLA in 2015. Dr. Block will be a great addition to our team and allows us to expand the range of endocrine services we can offer.

In addition to our routine in-clinic services we are working on developing a telemedicine program. In California there are entire counties without an endocrinologist. Dr. Block and Mary Rose will lead this initiative, to expand our care and make it easier for our patients to access our services.

Our research continues in both sides of town. We are continuing our STEPP-UP Project to create much-needed lower literacy teaching tools for underserved patients using diabetes devices, but still seek funding to finish our work. We are fully enrolled in the WISDM Trial (looking at the use of continuous glucose monitoring in older adults) and are starting a project known as “Tele-Monitor” on combining continuous glucose monitoring with daily evaluation from our clinic and feedback through a telemedicine process. This should create a level of safety and follow-up not currently available for patients using insulin. Your research support allows us to conduct this pilot study and use the results to apply for NIH funding to conduct a larger trial in the under researched population of seniors with type 1 diabetes.

Your support allows us to expand our staff and our research programs. Please consider making a donation so that we can do even more next year. Change may seem slow, but there continues to be steady progress for our patients. We are incredibly grateful to have you on our team to improve the care and understanding of diabetes.

P.S. We are still offering Iceland photo prints by Mark as a thank you gift for donations. Pick out your favorite one now and place an order.





Message from the Director