Dear Friends,

When it comes to treating, managing, and researching diabetes, my team and I are leading the movement. In the last two decades we have jumped over many hurdles to advance the quality of diabetes care and increase the availability of much needed medications, pumps and pre-screenings. Our constant and consistent commitment to this cause has undoubtedly saved many lives. The reality of this underrepresented disease is:

• Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the US; far more so than breast and prostate cancer combined

• Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to living well with diabetes

• The majority of diabetes deaths occur in the lower and middle class communities

• Diabetes is inadequately treated in over half of the people who have it

We have been working hard to provide care to people with diabetes and gain them access to the treatments and the devices they need to live well. Trips to DC to lobby Congress and work with California state legislators and judges have yielded some benefit. However, we have much more to do, as diabetes is one of the largest health threats facing our world today.

Ongoing progress is made possible through research and education. We have multiple new research studies starting up (see box on next page), and are proud to announce that our summer camp nutrition model has been adopted by the ADA and will be piloted in 5 other cities around the country.

None of this progress would exist without your support. We depend on philanthropic gifts to fund our efforts that range from community-based interventions to complex artificial pancreas research. Donations also help provide services in underserved areas that are hardest hit by impending changes in healthcare. In addition to maintaining all of this, my goal is to fundraise a much larger gift of $1.5 million, to launch a program to train nurses and doctors to care for people with diabetes.

Fewer healthcare professionals than ever choose to train in our field of work, and the future of diabetes care is looking grim. I want future generations to have treatment available to them by training and educating professionals to mange this disease with the same care, compassion, knowledge, and respect that we do.

Please help put diabetes prevention and treatment on the map and contribute today. Your gift is tax deductable and will help in a multitude of ways. Thank you for being one of our heroes.