News Archive: Summer 2018

Our Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) partner continues to evolve the Kids N Fitness (KNF) program to meet the needs of young people at risk for or with diabetes. The CHLA staff now provides training for professionals, lay educators and licensed organizations to conduct regular KNF events. KNF has also developed new targeted lesson plans including, KNF JR. (for children 2-9), KNF for ALL (for children with developmental disabilities), Teens N Fitness (for adolescents), KNF in the camp setting and KNF Nuggets (KNF broken into 10-minute educational segments) to add to any curriculum.


Most KNF programs run for 6 weeks and includes parents, but the different versions of the program can be adapted to be delivered in one weekend, consecutive days, or spread out over a longer period of time.


The KNF staff just completed the “Teens N Fitness: Wellness Agents of Change” in Huntington Park. Funded by AltaMed, this program was delivered in partnership with the after-school program, “just keep livin” Foundation and Huntington Park Senior High. Teens N Fitness staff led students living in this low-income community through games, interactive activities and discussions that reinforced lessons about nutrition. They also stressed the connection between mental and physical health while promoting physical activity.


A highlight of the program was the nutrition portion that allowed students to make and eat delicious, healthy food. Goals of the program are personal change and teaching teen graduates to became agents of change by bringing messages of health and wellness to their peers.