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Learning Sessions

These sessions are opportunities to learn about your diabetes in small groups of 5-15 participants. The sessions are held at 9033 Wilshire, check-in and pre tests are required before the session. Registration starts 30 min prior to the session in the clinic. Most sessions will be billed to your insurance as an education visit.

July 17th 3-5pm: Advanced Insulin Pumping

Insulin pumps are sophisticated devices with many advanced features, but we find many people are only using the basics. We will teach you about how to find and the buttons to give a temporary basal rate to adjust for exercise, prevent a lows or make gentle corrections.

You can also use advanced bolus features to better match the glucose impact of different foods - think pizza - or to adjust for your digestion pattern. You can do this with the extended bolus or a dual or square wave bolus depending on the pump brand. The bolus calculator on your pump is great for doing the math, but there are times to use temporary basal rates based on the arrow direction of your CGM or for exercise.

Many of these techniques are being used in the new hybrid closed-loop pumps and we will briefly discuss how those systems work and talk about the current options.

July 31st 4-6pm: New Technology, Medications & Research for Type 1 Diabetes

What are the recent updates in continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump technology and closed-loop system options? Are any of them right for you? We now also have new connected insulin pens and medications available.

Before a product is marketed it needs to be shown to be safe and effective in a clinical trial. We have also been conducting trials designed to change policy. Mark will review the recent research at the USC Westside Center for Diabetes and tell you what is involved in participating in a clinical trial and how can you become a research participant.






Diabetes Learning Sessions